We have our first interview booked in and what better way to test the equipment than using team Boujie to make sure the sound and the lighting was correct.

It appears that we might have created some Youtube stars ✨ in the making. Please take a look at our bloopers reel and judge for yourself.

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Bronte is one of the most inspiring young women I’ve met, I’m humbled that she agreed to be my first interviewee. This is very much untested waters for all of us but the conversation flowed and I’m beyond proud of Elisha and Sean. Social media is very exposing for our young people and to have them sit down and share their experience with me was beyond emotional. We got so much content I had to split the interview up. Part two is on it’s way… As ever please LIKE… SHARE…SUBSCRIBE to my channel
This is a longer video but the topics we are discussing just took us on a tangent. I love how honest everyone is about how they feel about body image and the power imbalance between boys and girls. It’s so important that our young people have an outlet to speak their truth. Bronte is an amazing young lady please check out her website. If you can offer support to build her foundation whether that be a donation or the offer of space so she can meet her young people then please get in touch with her via the link above.
We were so honoured to have been asked to film the launch event of The Bronte Lauryn Foundation, so many inspirational young people singing and talking about there experiences. For more information on the foundation visit the website: “The Bronte Lauryn Foundation was set up through sheer determination and passion, the foundation was once a dream and has become a reality, which has been pushed by the founder: Bronte but also the young people and parents of the young people rooting for the foundation. The foundation represents everything to do with young people and truly believes that they are the future of tomorrow. Through belief, love and freedom for every young person that walks through the doors of The Bronte Lauryn Foundation we allow them to discover who they are and push their dreams and achievements. We constantly work to reach new heights but most importantly allow them to be comfortable in who they all are as individuals through weekly workshops, events and performances, whilst offering constant support. “