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Boujie Media was born from a love and enthusiasm for production. A passion for diversity, inclusion, culture, people development, and raising aspirations with a desire to make accessible digital content that can be shared across social media platforms lead her to want to produce content that would be the change she wanted to see.

For decades, discussions about representation have been at the forefront or on the back burner of the media landscape conversations. The need to make sure boardrooms, behind, and in front of camera roles are representative of society is not a new issue.

Our Goals and objectives

There aren’t enough Northern Black voices within the creative industries (screen, radio, theatre, dance, and art), and when we discuss being Black and the nuances of the Black experience, a very southern perspective can be portrayed. The northern narrative is always grim with an image of grey clouds, cobbled streets, and poverty. The reality is entirely different, and Boujie Media aims to tell these stories through bold, creative, and experimental content designed exclusively for digital and social media platforms. 

Free photo 119844645 © creativecommonsstockphotos - Dreamstime.com
Free photo 119844645 © creativecommonsstockphotos – Dreamstime.com